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[inter] "What is World Wide Trans-Conduit?"

[Ron] " World Wide Trans-Conduit is a new
trans world phenomena, using a trans world
indexing code for better brainstorming searches
within a dynamic virtual space.

[Ron] "This brainstorming Zone uses a different
operating system. Nothing can be erased,
edited or stored without mass consensus."

[Ron] "All open brainstorming Sessions are placed
in designated world hives or personal websites
with a trans-world indexing code."

[Ron] "Commercial Advertisement which is relative
in content with a brainstorming session are valid
pitches, and also would produce effective advertising."

[inter] "And this is done on the internet?"

[Ron] "Yes, it will most likely begin soon on the internet.
It is not Mindjet manager or NovaMind, which are pathfinders,
decision-makers, and implementers all in one. World Wide
Trans-Conduit is an open source project. The trans world
indexing code is far superior to google or yahoo search engines.


[inter] "What is the Simon-Says Program?"

[Ron] "The Simon-Says Program is a pathfinder
solution. The motto is: The more people play
Simon Says, the smarter Simon gets."

[inter] "How does that work?"

[Ron] "Simons 'power of editing' uses
A Wheeling Combination Formula.
The very same number-crunching technology
designed for lottery software programs, is used
by Simon to displays five short text pitches on your screen."

[Ron] "Submit your pitch and just quickly scan and pick your
favorite pitch, which are submitted by other people and hear
what Simon Says."

[Ron] "Simon can only speak one thought at a time, yet
Simon has the ability to display a text of his opposing thoughts,
in synchronization with the Simons-Says Voice Broadcast. Simon
shows the best top-10 pitches using an assortment of response

[Ron] "These templates attempt to describe : Positive thoughts,
negative thoughts; Feelings, metaphors, intuitive insight, etc...
Templates can be designed to think outside the box."

[Ron] "A valid session has no text messaging directly or indirectly
with each other. Sessions are stored and ranked as bias or unbiased."


[inter] "How does Simon get smarter?"

[Ron] "Well a growing 'gene pool of ideas' is definitely
a participation factor for sure. But as players become
familiar with the range of World-Hives available, across-
referencing factor emerges. The potential of a Trans-World
Phenomena becomes possible."

[inter] "So, Simon gets smarter because people get smarter
playing with better ideas and choices."

[Ron] "Right."


[inter] "What about hackers?"

[Ron] "The Simon-Says program only works with an ASCII
code, which means it only reads letters of the alphabet and
punctuation. Websites can act as relay text buffers to keep the
players from being attacked by hackers. There are other
security measures, but I won't get into them."

[inter] "Ok, what about mass party crashing?"

[Ron] "You mean wolves in sheep clothing?"

[inter] "Yes."

[Ron] "A Simon-Says session starts off showing 4 single pitches
to each player. No one player can decide the destiny of any pitch.
If three players in a row, decide a pitch is inappropriate it is deleted,
and is out of the session. No new pitches are admitted until the
session is finished."

[inter] "Yes, but if everyone in the session is a wolf?"

[Ron] "Ah, well 'a seed is judge by the fruit it bears'. If
the wolves present a session which is useful to other
world hives, then.. so be it. Perhaps the Response Template
was too restrictive, and it seems there is no other way but
to crash the session. As events happen better templates
may be suggested."

[inter] "And if the mass party crashing session produces nothing?"

[Ron] "Then other hives can ignore or place the session in a
recycle world bin. A hundred players cannot relocate a thousand
players work. The majority rules but cannot silence any minority
as if they don't exist."

[inter] "What type of impact do you think World Wide Trans-Conduit

and Simon-Says will have?"

[Ron] "I believe that picking what you like; is superior, than voting in
general. Voting means a perfectly clear question in a non-influencing
environment. Good Luck!"

[Ron] "I often do imagine; that teachers will play a key role in the
development of WWTC - applications. Students would be able to focus
and better recognize teaching styles, which one, they are more attuned
with. Less truancy, better ideas to challenge the mind, and the most
important; You can find information far better and faster then you could
on the world wide web."

[inter] "What about the impact on business?"

[Ron] "A company looking for new innovation business ideas or people
also gain to benefit either from an open forum, or a secure session with
other companies. Thomas Watson, Jr. said that "the basic philosophy of
an organization has far more to do with its achievements than do technological
or economic resources, organizational structure, innovation and timing."

[inter] "Well I thank you for taking the time to chat."

[Ron] "You're Welcome. Thank-you for listening."