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The Simon-Says Program
is a Pathfinder Solution

Simons 'power of editing' uses;
A Wheeling Combination Formula.
The very same number-crunching technology
designed for lottery software programs, is used by
Simon to displays five short text pitchs on your screen.

"Simon can only speak one thought at a time, yet
Simon has the ability to display a text of his opposing thoughts,
in synchronization with the Simons-Says Voice Broadcast. Simon
shows the best top-10 pitches using an assortment of response

All software applications which run on a trans-conduit platform,
save their sessions in websites. The header is labeled with a
trans-world indexing code.

Simon Says: Presentation Instructions: Download all 3 zip files
and extract them all, in a temp directory. Run SimonExe.exe
For more information click below on interview page